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sábado, novembro 04, 2006

Desastres... naturais?! (11)

(...) the top United Nations emergency relief official is calling for “action today to prevent calamity tomorrow” by investing in disaster mitigation.
While earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis have long posed deadly threats, Mr. Egeland underscored the new aggravating circumstances. Rising sea levels and melting glaciers and polar ice caps from global warning spell potential catastrophe for hundreds of millions of people living in low-lying coastal areas from Bangladesh to New York, China to the Netherlands.
“The result is a human house of cards with potentially catastrophic consequences, especially for the poorest among us. To ignore these risks is to play poker with our future,” he added. “Global warming underscores the urgency – and the moral imperative – for action. Let’s seize this opportunity. Lives depend on it.”

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